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2007-09-01 - Sugar Bytes takes over sales and support of the Sonicbytes product range

As many of you noticed, the last month have been quite silent: no updates, insufficent support and almost no forum activity. This is because I joined a team of audio software developers in a major company. I decided for that because I realized that developing and selling cutting edge audio software can only be done in a group of people with the same mindset. A big thanks to all people who supported me over the last years!

The good news is that Sugar Bytes will carry on with sales and support of the Sonicbytes products, except Phrazor. All Sonicbytes customers receive a 30% welcome bonus on all Sugar Bytes products. Additionally Sugar Bytes prepared a 15% Bonus for everybody who signs their newsletter! The Sonicbytes Product range is available for Windows only, but they are working on successor products for Mac and PC.

2006-11-28 - Phrazor 1.03 released

Beside some bugfixes this version introduces "Drag Audio". This feature speeds up the workflow by combining rendering, exporting, importing to host or any other audio application into a single drag operation.


  • VST plugin editors could stay open when closing Phrazor window
  • Browser tree always collapsed after save
  • PDF Manual now has proper TOC

The update is free for customers. A new demo version is available for download.

2006-09-14 - Phrazor officially released

The latest development cycle adds numerous features covering all existent and new domains. This release elevates Phrazor to an all-purpose audio workstation with an outstanding workflow and live expressiveness. The complete development process has been supported with experiences, suggestions and beta-testing by a growing community on KVR Audio. Thanks!

New features since Preview#6

Starter Kit

  • 47 tutorials covering all important features
  • Help pages in about panel
  • Factory containing 170+ clips and prepared tracks
  • 3 GTG Synths
  • Complete Kjaerhus Classic Series bundled
  • 76 ready to use drummaps
  • Updated PDF manual (80 pages)


  • Save command for projects, tracks, slots, programs and clips
  • Lock mechanism for programs and states
  • Info for projects, tracks, slots, programs and clips
  • Browser menus for grooves and drummaps
  • Drag tracks to clips (extracts clips from tracks)
  • Smart tab selection in browser/manager
  • Save message box when closing Phrazor standalone
  • Set tempo dialog (doubleclick on BPM)
  • Automap functions for clips and states
  • Filetype "Clipmap" stores complete remote-assignment-sets


  • Drag MIDI clips from Phrazor to host or any other application
  • Multiple files can be dragged to Phrazor (e.g. importing multiple MIDI files at once)
  • Save all clips to folder function
  • MIDI Export of single or all clips


  • Main panel layout reworked
  • Titlebar shows project filename
  • Filenames of selected objects displayed in browser/manager
  • Values displays for all sliders
  • Alternative time display (hh:mm:ss)
  • Visualization of loading programs
  • Visualization of the plugin scan process
  • Mono GUI
  • Icon for standalone version

MIDI Engine

  • Mute/solo for pure MIDI tracks
  • Output delay for calibrating audio/midi drift
  • MIDI Sync. Master (sends Clock, Start, Stop, Continue, SPP)
  • MIDI Transport Slave (receives Start, Stop, Continue, SPP)
  • Optional only-tempo host synchronization
  • Dragging tracks automatically updates MIDI source tracks
  • Track playmode "Automatic"
  • MIDI Control surface
  • Thru option for remote-clips
  • Visualization of pending states

Audio Engine

  • Pre/Post fader sends
  • Thru/Mute send option
  • Visualization of track groups (linked by sends)
  • Dragging tracks automatically updates send-source and multi-output targets
  • Reset all mute/solo function
  • Intelligent "Auto-Connect" in mixer panel
  • Fade inertia on tracks for smooth mixing
  • ASIO driver improvements (standalone)
  • Built-in multi-filter component

MIDI Editing

  • Visualization of selected ghost notes
  • Buttons for important functions (selection, clipboard, quantize etc.)
  • Visualization of active notes in keyboard
  • Auto-scroll option follows cursor
  • Drummap selection in clipeditor
  • Automap functions
  • More edit functions like trim and auto-length
  • Merge into clip at cursor


  • Virtual project workspace allows one-click project loading
  • Projects can be loaded via MIDI song select or program change
  • Integration in project notes panel

VST Improvements

  • Better compatibility (no non-working plugin known)
  • Load VST directly via dialog
  • Randomize function in parameter panel
  • Close all editors function
  • MIDI learn for plugin parameters
  • Optional "Prog. Change Thru"
  • Take button for faster library building
  • Drag VST dll's to Phrazor

Render to WAV

  • Complete project and loop rendering
  • Render to track with autonaming
  • Loops are perfectly trimmed
  • Rendering up to 384 KHz in 5 different formats


  • Find and classify files by simple keyword selection
  • Freely assignable key columns and words
  • Check-in utility to take up files from other users/pc's
  • Provides filetypes projects, tracks, slots, programs and clips


  • Auto-scroll option follows cursor
  • Buttons for important functions (selection, clipboard, quantize etc.)
  • View selection for playpart parameters (velocity and transpose)
  • Auto selection in playlist


  • Default cliplength, channel and snap settings
  • Auto-lock for programs and states
  • Better keyboard support
  • Reworked installer, separated vst-dll's and Phrazor folder
  • Works on Muse Receptor and mobile devices (e.g. usb-sticks)

2006-07-21 - Phrazor Preview #6 released  

This release introduces the Standalone and VST Multi-I/O version. The routing-capabilities of the engine have been improved - Multi-Out VST plugins are supported as well. The clip-based Arpeggiator completes the midi-engine.


  • Standalone version supporting multiple audio and midi ports
  • VST version provides multi I/O (up to 16 stereo inputs/outputs)
  • Support for Multi-Out VSTs
  • Slots can send audio to any subsequent Track
  • Send and Multi-Out target Tracks are colored
  • Send target Tracks are processed thru
  • Track midi out can be merged
  • Added 'Internal' Midi ports
  • Pure Midi Tracks are highlighted
  • Optional routing of midi-input to selected Track
  • The selected Track can be stored/recalled live
  • Clip based full featured Arpeggiator
  • Pianoroll tools Shrink/Expand
  • Pianoroll tool Random-Time avoids doubles
  • Quick browser for merging Clips directly into Pianoroll for reuse of chords and lines
  • Single Programs can be saved/loaded and dragged from Browser
  • Automatic creation of Programs from VST presets
  • Quick browser menus for Tracks, Slots, Programs and Clips
  • Refresh and Explorer buttons in Browser
  • Manual updated
  • Logfiles for diagnostics


  • GUI changes to improve consistency and workflow
  • Configuration files renamed
  • Drummaps are now stored in a dedicated Folder
  • Auto-connect for effects is now default, hold control to disable
  • Pianoroll tool Stretch also affects length


  • Hanging notes when switching to SYNC
  • Default folders and filenames in Save dialogs could be wrong
  • Chorder component (was broken)
  • Minor issues regarding State recall
  • Undo/Redo buttons in Pianoroll updated correctly
  • Added missing icons in Schematic Scheme
  • FX version got no audio-input in Cubase
  • VST Parameter Midi-CC assignment crash
  • Moving Clips in list corrupted remote settings
  • Undo was not working with certain tools in pianoroll
  • Bug regarding Selective Clip playback velocity
  • Bug Clip playback with very low tempo

Phrazor is still free - there are no limitations and restrictions.

Preordering is possible until the middle of August! Buy Phrazor now for 29 euros...

2006-06-16 - Phrazor Preview #5 released

This free unlimited preview version completes Midi Editing, introduces the Drumgrid editor, improves Live features and presents the final default GUI.


  • Completely reworked Manual and updated tutorials
  • New Default SkinRealtime quantize while recording
  • Pianoroll audition while editing
  • Drumgrid editor
  • Flexible Drummap
  • GUI provides font styles
  • Demo Clips, GM Track Templates, Grooves
  • GUI Development Kit with Manual available for free
  • Optional highlighting of notes regarding velocity
  • Ghost notes in Pianoroll/Drumgrid
  • Optional default project
  • Template Tracks
  • Recallable Tempo
  • Play Lock for simultaneous Clip playback
  • Optional recall moment for Remote States
  • Make Default option for Remaote States
  • More realistic display of the Pianoroll
  • Drag and Drop to Phrazor
  • Intelligent quick load via Browser
  • Improved display and editing of velocity and controller events
  • Improved Edit menu in Clipeditor
  • Channel Lock option in Pianoroll/Drumgrid
  • Track individual Clip mode
  • Plugin list is stored externally - avoids plugin-rescan
  • Improved loading time for Projects, Tracks, Slots and Plugins
  • Tool bar in Clipeditor with several editing and composing tools
  • Merged Midi import
  • New option 'Disable SYNC on startup'
  • Auto-connect on load for effects
  • Dragging of Slots to Tracks
  • Clip replace with wheel in Playlist
  • One click Select all/cut/paste in Clipeditor


  • Smoother display in Pianoroll
  • Swapped mouse buttons for velocity editing
  • Snapshot renamed to 'Global State'
  • Scene renamed to 'Track State'
  • Pianoroll renamed to 'Clipedit'
  • Editor button renamed to 'Plugin'
  • CLIP is ON by default
  • Rename now resets filename, new name is proposed on next save
  • New 'Variuos' directory group


  • Master set to 0db when loading older Tracks/Projects
  • Phrazor now records only to selected Clip
  • Playlist Loop was not always reloaded correctly
  • Selected Global-State is now stored in Project files
  • Text is pre-selected in Rename dialog
  • Sync Start/Stop in Podium now works
  • GUI feedback for controll sliders and internal VST editor
  • Hanging notes in SYNC mode when host stops
  • First notes somes have been dropped in SYNC mode

Phrazor is still free - there are no limitations and restrictions.

Preordering is possible until the final release! Buy Phrazor now for 29 euros...


2006-05-25 - Phrazor Preview #4 public Beta cycle started

This free unlimited preview version introduces Midi Recording and provides a completely reworked skinnable GUI.


  • Midi Recording
  • Clip audition
  • Playmode 'Hold' for Clips
  • Master Level/Balance (Snapshot recallable)
  • Completely reworked and skinnable GUI
  • Slot levels recallable by Snapshots/Scenes
  • Improved Mouse wheel support in Pianoroll/Playlist
  • Workflow improvements


  • Many VST plugin-issues fixed
  • Mono plugins now working
  • Multiple instance drawing problem
  • Now works under Windows 2000

Phrazor is still free - there are no limitations and restrictions.

Preordering is possible until the final release! Buy Phrazor now for 29 euros...


2006-05-04 - Phrazor Preview #3 released

This free unlimited preview version provides the complete live functionality, a detailed manual and fixes many plugin issues.

  • Clips can now triggered/transposed from keyboard
  • Polyphonic and Legato playmodes for Clips
  • Remote-Mechanism for Scenes and Snapshots
  • Graphical assignment for Remote-Clips
  • Visual setup of Keyboard splits
  • Auto-creation of Programs (automatic/manually)
  • Extended Program Mode which treats all Plugins equally
  • New configuration options
  • Phrazor state will be saved within host-project
  • Menus for Slots and Tracks
  • Import/Export for FXP/FXB files (Presets/Banks)
  • Chorder Component
  • Track-Sends for creating effect Racks
  • Synchronized scrollbars
  • Select previous/next buttons
  • Midi-Routing between Tracks
  • 20 Tutorial Projects
  • Printable PDF Manual
  • Project Info
  • PC Keyboard to Midi
  • Dedicated VST Effect version (Phrazor FX)
  • Improved workflow and GUI consistency
  • Many plugin issues and minor bugs fixed

Phrazor is still free - there are no limitations and restrictions.

Preordering is possible until the final release! Buy Phrazor now for 29 euros...


2006-04-05 - Phrazor Preview #2 released

There have been some installation issues with Preview #1 on machines without SP2. This has been fixed. Furthermore the VST compatibility has been improved:


  • No more dependencies on Microsoft Libraries
  • GUI speed optimized, minor GUI fixes
  • No sound with certain plugin (i.e. MicroTonic, B4)
  • Doubleclick on Slot opens plugin-editor
  • Click on Slot brings plugin-editor to front
  • Audition routed only to selected Track
  • VST's and Slots can be dragged directly to Tracks
  • Note-off during Bypass-on could lead to hanging notes
  • Plugins-Editor opens automatically when loading

2006-03-27 - Phrazor announced

Just before the Musikmesse we want to announce our new flagship.

Phrazor allows you to combine, play and sequence your plugins in one intuitive interface:

  • Rack style GUI providing 64 Tracks, each with 8 Plugin-Slots
  • Build reusable Racks, Sounds, Clips
  • Efficient workflow with Drag 'n Drop and customizable Browsers
  • Categorize your Racks, Sounds and Clips
  • Move your work between systems (Host/OS-independent file formats)
  • Semi-Modular Routing
  • Horizontal Mixer supporting Sends and Effect Racks
  • Provides Sound design on a higher level
  • Full-featured Sequencer with Playlist, Pianoroll and Fullscreen-modes
  • Ready for Live-Performances providing Snapshots and Scenes

The release is scheduled for April/May '06. A free fully functional Preview version is available for download.

Preordering is possible! Save money and support development with your suggestions!

2005-12-06 - Alternative GUI's for ERA 2 available

2005-11-27 - ERA 2 released

After a quiter period we are glad to announce a major update of ERA. Version 2 provides many new features like the playlist-editor. The restyled GUI and numerous enhancements make dynamic composing easier. A new demo-version is also available. The update is free for customers. The introductory price for ERA2 is 49 euro.

  • Playlist-Editor with multiple live-controllable Loops
  • Completely restyled GUI
  • Variation display indicates used variations
  • Revised and extended Reference Manual
  • Help-system revised and updated
  • Full mousewheel support including pianoroll-scrolling
  • Midi-Controllable Step-Spin, ideal for breakbeat
  • Improved Midi-Import
  • Overall consistence and terminology improved
  • Several bugs fixed, including midi-in displacement bug with certain buffersizes
  • Step-selection reworked, now control+mousebutton on step-leds
  • Example Library including presets, banks and patterns of different styles
  • Reusable templates for drummaps, setups and workflows

Note: This update applys to the VST version. The MFX will be updated too.

2005-01-18 - ERA updated to 1.33


  • Chord Strumming (per Step with adjustable delay, click on delay value)
  • Global Midi-Muting of rows (independent of Variation-Mute)
  • Non-destructive Midi-Import (Import into specific patterns)
  • Locking of edit-pattern (EDIT-LOCK = right click on ACTIVE)


  • MFX Version is now fully adapted

2004-12-17 - ERA VSTi gets Arpeggiators

This major update to v1.31 enhances ERA's midi-capabilities with 12 independent true Arpeggiators. The new ARP module is not just an add-on, it integrates into the existing environment and lets you combine all existing Step-Sequencer features with the Arpeggiators. The ability to run the Arp's simultaneously - based on free sequences - brings a new level of inspiration.

Arpeggiator features:

  • Independent midi-channels, keyzones and chorder
  • 10*2 different Algorithms with adjustable range and semitones
  • Adjustable In-Velocity sensitivity
  • Restart (on first step) and Skip-Mode
  • Playing-helps: Quantize and Keep
  • Limiter to wrap sequences to certain ranges (4 Algorithms)
  • Many special Arp.-Presets

New, Changed, Fixed:

  • New: ISOLATE option allows (Host-) decoupling of certain instances
  • New: Echo parameters (Hi/Lo-Velocity)
  • New: KVRaudio skin
  • New: Drumgrid/Pianoroll button
  • New: Animated Pianoroll
  • Changed: Improved Drummap handling (Auto-assignment and Auto-Default for Off-Triggers)
  • Changed: Rounded panels (GUI)
  • Changed: Playmode names (ARP > FREE, ARP > HOLD)
  • Changed: Manual updated (ERA in Orion and EnergyXT with Seq.)
  • Fixed: Midi-Export (now supports controllers)
  • Fixed: Delay may exceed step-borders
  • Fixed: Loading older presets resets parameters which didn't exist
  • Fixed: Undo-History (major/minor compose)

The update is free for all ERA-Customers. The reduced price of 49 euro ends on 31st, Dec. 2004.

2004-11-29 - ERA updated to 1.22


  • Pattern recall via midi-note
  • GUI related bug (text color for notes)

2004-11-26 - ERA goes to 1.21


  • Many presets (mainly drumloops), examples and drummaps
  • GUI improvements and visual feedback
  • Midi Echo on all tracks
  • Tap recording with mouse
  • Midi import (Drumloop and Melody Extractor)
  • Useful commands (Autochain, Unchain, Apply drummap to track etc.)


  • Full MFX support, especially in Sonar4 (latency/time-lag problem solved)
  • Midi-recorder working in the MFX-version
  • Better processing of midi input
  • Drum-recording follows drummap
  • Improved filename handling
  • Color-stealing to easily create new schemes

2004-11-17 - Price reduction
  • ERA Step-Sequencer is now available for 49 €
  • EST Sampling-Groovebox has been reduced to 49 €
  • Gat'R (Trance-)gate-Effect now costs 29 €

The prices for the bundles have been lowered too!

2004-09-25 - Updates for the entire product line

ERA, EST, and Gat'R have all received additional features and bug fixes. New bundled pricing is also announced for those interested in purchasing the complete SONICBYTES line.

ERA - the Pattern sequencer VSTi/MFX

New in 1.2

  • The GUI and interface logic have been completely redone. ERA now shares all the interface features of EST, which means that each of the rows in a pattern has its own settings for swing, gatetime, transposition, humanization, etc. Pattern editing is easier, and it now has the same 32-edit-deep "Undo" capability that EST has. People using both products no longer have to learn two ways of working. (Because of these changes, patterns saved using ver. 1.12 will not load into ver. 1.20, but it is possible to run the old version alongside the new.)
  • The sync-engine has been completely rewritten for better host synchronization. The Autosync option is gone--ERA is always ready to respond to both direct control AND to your host's transport controls.
  • Every row in a pattern now has a complement of four LFOs (with seven waveforms). That means 48 LFOs that can be routed out as CCs to target synths as part of the pattern, or that can be routed internally to the pattern's own velocity, gatetime, delay, or even to transpose steps. This opens up a whole world of rhythmic modulation of the patterns, Gat'R-style!
  • Two new arpeggio playmodes have been added. ERA can be a sequencer or a live performance arpeggiator.
  • A new Mono mode for pattern rows removes any MIDI overlaps for those synths that require monophonic input.
  • ERA can now load patterns and banks created in EST, and vice versa. You can specify the location of a shared pattern directory, in addition to a directory for ERA-specific presets.

Bug fixes

  • Problem switching out of chained patterns.
  • Problem with pattern end marker in front of start marker.
  • Browser menus would include empty folders.

Gat'R - the pattern-based audio multi-effect

New in 1.1

  • Two new LFO waveforms have been added to the six LFOs. A pulse with 25% duty cycle lets you isolate the first step in sequences of four, for rhythmic modulation. A 33% duty cycle pulse does a similar thing for triplet tempi. In addition, the plug-in's global dry/wet control has been added to the list of possible LFO targets (for a total of 30).
  • 7fan has created a new skin, "CelShading". In addition, a new "Flat" style has been added (with two examples).
  • The built-in preset manager has a new capability. It is now possible to move just the steps from one pattern to another (leaving all settings such as Open/Close values, Filter Cutoff, etc. unchanged). This lets you build up libraries of basic sequences and drop them into complicated patches.
  • Playmode has been made a global parameter. Switching from threshold-triggered to host-synced now applies to the entire bank.
  • A tutorial is now provided, and the number of presets is more than 100.
  • Gat'R now comes with its own installer. (The gdiplus.dll is no longer needed--support for transparent PNGs is now native.)

Bug fixes

  • Crash problem in Cubase SX.
  • "No. of Steps" for filter sequence not updated.
  • Problem when host-synced with some triplet tempi.
  • Problem specifying MIDI-in channel for pattern recall.

EST - the sampling-groovebox

New in 1.2

  • Sample loading has been completely revamped. Next/Previous buttons let you swap samples on the fly; or you can access your entire library with a hierarchical load menu that opens with a right mouse click.
  • Once loaded, samples can be automatically sized to loop to 4, 8, 16, or 32-step patterns.
  • Just like individual samples, complete instruments (samples plus all their settings) can be quickly auditioned in your instrument kit with a Load Next/Previous command.
  • Instrument kits can now be reset with a single command.
  • EST recognizes and loads patterns created in ERA.
  • EST gets the same new sync engine that ERA gets. With chaining, patterns can be virtually any length.

Bug fixes

  • Problem switching out of chained patterns.
  • Browser menus would include empty folders.

These updates are free to all customers. Demos are available.

There are three new bundled packages:

  • All-Pack, Price is eu 129 (36% off)
    - ERA
    - EST
    - four instrument kits for EST by 7fan (40MB of samples and patterns)
    - Gat'R
  • Beat-Pack, Price is eu 99 (25% off)
    - EST
    - 7fan's four instrument kits
    - Gat'R
  • Starter-Pack, Price is eu 79 (12% off)
    - EST
    - 7fan's four instrument kits


We are glad to present our first VST-Effect: Gat'R

7fan has released EST-BLOCK:02 HUMAN BEATBOX TRANSPLANTS - an EST-Samplekit based on vocal beatbox. Read more and listen to 5 superb demo-mp3's at the 7fanGate.

2004-07-12 - EST has been updated to v1.01


This update adds new features, which are primarily designed to use EST as an pure instrument in addition to its step-sequencer capabilities. New playmodes transform EST into an outstanding 12-layer sampler/synth-combination with incomparable potentialities for creating living, rhythmical instruments and arpeggios. Furthermore the beat-slicing capabilities have been improved.

30 demo mp3's and a limited demo-version (no save) are waiting for you in the download-area.

New features:

  • Instrument and Arpeggio mode
  • Sample to Slot batch conversion (complete directories)
  • Filter Cutoff and Resonance step-inertia for smooth automation
  • Slot browser in pianoroll and drumgrid
  • Cool hit-modes for Beat-slicing and Pass-Through-Sample issues
  • Noise oscillator and Ring modulation mix-mode in the OSC section
  • Additional LFO waveforms RND and S&H
  • Extended clipboard commands (copy/cut/paste triggers together with value-rows)
  • Better mouse handling (customizable grid) for automation rows
  • Many new presets, kits, slots and skins
  • Reference Manual


  • Loading of presets outside EST
  • Midi-In channel is now handled correct, even if no keyzone is defined
  • Crash when alternately using ERA and EST
  • Minor fixes

Furthermore I'd like to announce a collaboration with 7fan in the sense of sound- and graphic design. The first sample-kits with mp3-demo's are available on the new 7fanGate.

2004-07-02 - Update the EST Userbase
The Reference Manual for EST is now available.


If have troubles while triggering external hw-synths with ERA (extremely short gate-times), a new comfortable solution is available at the download-area.

EST is available now! Try the demo.


Announcement of EST, the ultimate Sampling-Groovebox


ERA 1.12 has been released! New features:

  • Full support for Cakewalks MFX-Plugin-Interface (Midi-Effect).
  • ERA harmonizes with SONAR and PROJECT 5. Just like Synchron 32.
  • Automatic host synchronization.
  • Better support for Orion Platinum 5.2 and EnergyXT
  • Global transpose mode (transposes all rows with one key)
  • Data-has-changed indicator
  • Added 1. and 2. inversions of all chords
  • Visualization of sequences in tone-mode
  • Added some colors (piano roll background for black and white keys etc.)
  • Additional display of note values
  • Fix: CC's will be generated in any case

Registered users will receive the update via mail.

Development of the long awaited MFX version of ERA is going on well. Estimated release: May!


ERA has been updated to 1.101. Furthermore the new manual is available. Registered users will receive the full version within 24 hours (at most).


  • Active colors are saved as default on exit
  • New menus in variation and control panel
  • Midi out monitor
  • 2 color files included

Bugs fixed:

  • Popup Menus on Windows 98 (didn't work correct)
  • Conflict bug (concurrent recording and midi-control)
  • Crash bug (zero velocity)

The new ERA 1.1 has been released.

Official company forum at K-v-R opened.

Our online shop is open! You can buy ERA here.

Demo version of ERA updated (minor bug regarding gui).


Demo version of ERA released! With a delay of one day the long awaited demo is released. At the moment we're preparing our online shop. This will take a few days..

The first full featured VSTi Step-Sequencer! After months of designing, coding and testing we are glad to announce our first commercial product: ERA. This bundle of two independent VSTi-Plugins brings the power of Step-Sequencing into your current audio production environment. Compose while listening in a very direct and intuitive way - seamlessly integrated in your host and controlling all your favorite gear! The official release is scheduled for 2004-03-22.